Beautiful Tiger Eye

Natural Stone.

€17.00 + Postage.

 Clear Tiger Eye.

  Natural Stone.

 €17.00 + Postage.

Colourful Tiger Eye.

Natural Stone.

€17.00 + Postage


€19.00 + Postage.

Reki. Natural Stone.

€20.00 + Postage.

Crystal Minerals.

€22.00 + Postage.

These are just a sample of the beautiful Pendulums that Robert has for sale. Please go to the contact page to request an online brochure to view all Pendulums for sale.

Your Pendulum  will come in a beautiful velvet bag for safe keeping.

All Pendulums come washed and fully charged using a technique known exclusively to Robert!

Postage charge on Pendulums is only €5.00 Worldwide!

The Power of the Pendulum is a book that deals with the 'real work' on getting the most from your Pendulum. Inside you will discover eight incredible tests for your pendulum never before seen in print! From finding lost objects to predicting World Events, this book will thrill and amaze you!

€15.00 + Postage. ( €5.00)

Special Offer!

Buy the Book and any Pendulum and get free postage on both!

Please go to the contact page to place your order. We will respond to you with details on methods of payment.